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I once sacrificed my health in the pursuit of wealth and a desire for freedom.

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Health + Wealth
= freedom.

Congratulations, you’ve done it right. You’ve put yourself through school, earned a sought after degree and landed an exceptional job. You are a hard working, result driven individual who has successfully climbed the proverbial corporate ladder.You are determined, brilliant, and reliable. You are a role model for your family and your community. You produce results.

Your ongoing commitment is to eat well, get more sleep and exercise regularly while still spending quality time with family and friends. The reality is, your effort to create that illusive balanced life has you feeling stressed, exhausted and unable to recognize the person you see in the mirror.

You are always gainfully employed, yet you privately you know that your income is not equal to the time, energy and sacrifice required. You secretly wonder “where did I go wrong? Will I ever be free?”

You know you were destined to be more.

You want to stop building other people’s dreams and begin to live a fit, fabulous and fulfilled life. Your burning desire is to reclaim your time, your health and your worth yet you just haven’t figured out how. You are the Doctor, Small Business Owner, Corporate Executive or multi-tasking Super Mom who has bought into the Myth that hard work, a great education and a respectable title will set you free.  To the outside world you put on the brave face that all is well, yet privately you feel isolated, alone and on the brink of burnout.  You know that with the right guidance and systems, you can use your talents to design the life you and your family deserve.

It’s time to create your access to
health, wealth and freedom.

That is where mentorship with the right trainer can help. The right trainer is someone who has walked in your shoes and experienced similar challenges. She understands the pain of living a life of mediocrity, when you know you’re destined to be great. Pulling from her personal journey she has created a 7 Step Playbook, that when applied will empower you to create access to the health, wealth and the freedom you deserve.

My Name is Suzan Hart and I’m a Mindset Mastery Mentor

My core message is the first person we each must lead is ourselves.  By taking 100% responsibility for what is created in my life, I have triumphed over the stress of being physically and financially upside down. Drawing from my life lessons I am unique in that I know that we are each brilliant and we are all special. I intimately understand how isolated you feel when you are a stand for your own success, yet you are overworked, underpaid and physically exhausted. I understand that your health is the foundation for your wealth, and it is your health + your wealth that equals your access to freedom. I am committed to mentoring hard working, results driven busy professionals and entrepreneurs to be un-apologetically recognized for their value, financially rewarded for their brilliance, and celebrated for the fullest expression of themselves. I am committed to helping you learn how to get fit, feel fabulous and live a fulfilled life.

Do you desire the strength and confidence that is possible
when you are physically fit?

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magnificent and extraordinary it is, to feel fabulous?

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