Today I know that the secret to living a fit, fabulous and fulfilled life is Mindset Mastery.

However, I once was physically exhausted, financially upside down and suffering in silence.

In November of 1969, my mother brought my sister and I from Trinidad to Canada. From the moment, I stepped off the plane, I realized that everything had changed. My environment was different, I was different. In that moment, I decided I was alone.  I remember my mother saying I brought you to Canada so you can have a great education and a better life. However, I heard, If I go to school, work hard and get a great education, I will live a happy and fulfilled life. It is interesting how the thoughts we form as a child can impact our experience of the world.

So, I became an over producer and I learned to create massive results in everything I did. As I went on my educational journey, I experienced much success in the areas of track, basketball and competitive bodybuilding. Seven years of post-secondary education and 2 degrees later, I became the person we all have been taught to believe, will make our family’s and our communities proud.

A highly effective family, individual and group counselor, I developed a specialty in crisis and mediation. I worked extensively in the areas of Child Welfare and Women’s Services. As my career progressed, I managed a women’s shelter, cross-cultural counseling service, and one of the largest drop-in shelters in the downtown area of the city of Toronto.

As I rose through the ranks and found myself at the top of my game, I was physically exhausted and financially upside down. The stress of my own success had me on the brink of burnout.

I felt like a FRAUD. On the outside, I maintained the façade that all is well, while on the inside I walked with anger, shame and disappointment.

You see I believe it’s people like you and me that are destined to be great. Like many of you, I had the drive and determination to create my access to wealth and freedom, but my ladder was up against the wrong wall. In order to take the steps that would allow me to BREAK FREE, I had to evaluate my skills and determine how they would best serve me. What I learned was that I had ample knowledge and great skills yet something was still missing.

It was only when I was willing to trust myself and take 100% responsibility for my habits, my health, and my mindset, did things begin to change.

You too have all the skills…now it time to develop the mindset, habits, and emotional mastery, that will allow you to get fit, feel fabulous and live a fulfilled life. It’s time to create your personal playbook for your access to lifelong health, abundant wealth and ultimate freedom.

Today I am known as the Mindset Mastery Mentor, an author and trainer who created her access to financial freedom in the profession of Network Marketing. I have shared the stage with John Gray, Jack Canfield, Les Brown, and Lisa Nichols. I have also appeared on CDs with David Wood, Stephen Covey and have been a contributing mentor on 2 CDs for the DSWA.

Inspired by a desire to give back, I created the Fit, Fab and Fulfilled Program. Founded on 7 Mindset Mastery Principles, this conversation is designed to help men and women access a new level of self-knowledge so they can reclaim their health, wealth and freedom. My commitment is to teach those who work with me how to overcome the emotions, beliefs and habits that keep them broke, exhausted and in struggle. My desire is to help my clients master a mindset that creates a lifestyle where health is the foundation their relationships, wealth and freedom.

I stand for hardworking result driven men and women, who secretly feel overworked and underpaid. Yes, I am a stand for you to be recognized for your value and financially rewarded for your brilliance while honoring your health and commitment to harmony.

What makes me unique is I’ve walked through the fire, risen from the ashes and have BROKEN FREE. I intimately know how alone you feel when you are a stand for your own success, yet you are overworked, underpaid and physically exhausted. I am committed to helping high producing men and women be known, rewarded and celebrated for the healthiest expression of themselves.

I believe that when you master your mindset, you master your life.
Five words that express who I am and what I stand for are Integrity, Health, Freedom, Leadership, and Community. My core message is the first person we each must lead is ourselves.

As a trainer who is committed to living a fit, fabulous and fulfilled life, I have taken my extensive background in group dynamics, fitness and personal mastery to create 7 Mindset Mastery Principles that allow you to develop the personal leadership needed to create your access to health, wealth, and freedom. This system will move you from the exhaustion and isolation of being a high producer, to the harmony that comes from having a life and business built on health, community, and collaboration.

Today, I have developed a reputation for having a brilliant capacity to inspire individuals and engage them in a process to live a fit, fabulous and fulfilled life.

Are you the person saying YES you deserve more and are hungry for change?

It time to discover a new level of Mindset Mastery . It time to create a life you love and fully enjoy.

I am excited to be your guide.