The Decision that Changed Suzan’s Life

The way you look at life can change slowly over time or it can change in an instant. My life changing event occurred in the spring of 2000. I remember walking into my office to find all my belongings packed up in a small box on my desk.

Before I had an opportunity to ask questions, I found myself being escorted to my boss’s office.

What happened next challenged every belief that had guided me.

I was being let go!  As my mind raced, I thought of all the long hours I had worked, and how I had contributed to the growth of the organization.  I reflected on the promotions and the glowing evaluation I had recently received.  Yet I was being fired…. with no warning and for no apparent reason. I was devastated!

I remember driving home with tears streaming down my face.  I was hurt, scared, and unsure what to do.  You see although I had risen through the ranks and considered to be at top of my game, my secret shame was that I was overworked, and not paid what I believed I deserved.  The reality was, I was $50,000 upside down in credit card debt, and my marriage could not survive any additional financial stress. I was exhausted, 10 pounds underweight and suffering in silence.  On my drive home that day, I made a decision that would change my destiny.  I vowed to never again leave my financial security in the hands of someone else. I decided to find a way to stop working for someone else and begin working for myself.

They say that luck is when opportunity meets preparation and my history of working hard to yield little results had me open and ready when a new career crossed my path.

As I studied a new profession I saw a business that allowed me to work from the comfort of my home while requiring less than $350 in monthly overhead. There were no barriers to access and I now had tax benefits that were unavailable at a job. Unlike working for someone else, I determined my hours and the income I believed I deserved.  This simple decision moved me from chasing money and trading my time for dollars and introduced me to the concept of leverage. Imagine collaborating on a team and leveraging each other’s time, buying power, productivity, and creativity.  I had income being produced when I was not physically working, and for the first time, I saw the possibility of becoming financially free.

For the past 12 years, I have helped my clients reclaim their physical, emotional, and financial health.  By being of service to others, I have been blessed to become what T. Harv Eker calls financially free; my passive income far exceeds my monthly expenses.  A simple decision 16 years ago introduced me to the concept of wealth creation and time freedom.

Today I live my life by design and I am blessed to live the life of my dreams.

Wealth and Wellness Mentorship Program

My desire is to show you how to create your own luck so you can stop chasing money or trading your precious time for a few dollars.

If you are one of the few who has a burning desire to be recognized for your value and financially rewarded for your brilliance, I am excited to share my secrets with you.

Health + Wealth = Freedom.  I am ready to lead the way.