Suzan’s Most Requested Speaking Programs

This is a powerful keynote or training designed to introduce individuals and organization to a new conversation about health and wellness.

By sharing new insights, life lessons, and personal and professional stories, I help my audience understand that health is a mindset, rather than just an activity. They will learn their access to freedom begins by accepting that the stressors of life have caused them to neglect their body, and put their physical, emotional, and spiritual needs last.

They begin to discover that <strong>health + wealth = freedom.

Fit, Fab, and Fulfilled is built on the belief that health is the foundation for all that we do. Audiences soon understand that their ability to provide for themselves, their family, and contribute to any organization, sits on this foundation called health. Their focus, productivity, and creativity as a professional or entrepreneur occurs with more ease once they have embraced their health. Their opportunity to feel fantastic, find their fabulous, and live a deeply fulfilled life is available through their physical fitness and the development of their personal and leadership mastery.

This dynamic conversation reveals that lifelong health and fitness goes beyond fad diets, crazy workouts and just eating right.  Audiences will soon be aware that fitness provides more than the mental clarity, extra energy and everything we generally associate with health.

Lifelong health and fitness will soon become a way of being, a mindset, and a series of habits expressed over time.  Individuals will leave knowing that by becoming and maintaining a physically fit body, they will begin to create habits that will apply to create success in every area of their life.

A person who possesses the skills and habits to better manage their health not only feels fantastic, they are more than likely equipped with the skills and habits to manage their relationships, their finances, their business and all the stressors that come with producing massive results.

This Fabulous dialogue reveals that out of personal fitness comes the unique ability to master self.  Members of the audience will be introduced to a new way of being; one that can only be revealed through the application of the habits learned through caring for self and becoming physically fit.

Most people think to become more successful they must acquire more skills, gain new experience or possess unique talents.  Statistics show that is it not the most talented or skilled people that often succeed, rather it is the person who gets out of their own way to get the unimaginable done. It is the person who is not stopped by fear and uncertainty, or broken by the impact of stress.

Personal mastery ignites habits that will have you respond rather than react to challenging events.  You will no longer be stopped by the emotions that bubble up when faced with a challenge. Your newly found mastery will provide you with energy, clarity, and habits to move beyond life circumstances, and have you achieve the results you desire and ultimately deserve.

Here I engage the audience in a leadership discussion that can only be born from physical fitness and personal mastery.  Learn how fitness and personal mastery gives access to a mindset I believe heightens your ability to do what you say, and produce the results and outcomes you have committed to.

Fitness and mastery increase personal integrity, self-reliance, and trust. It develops a new level of confidence, strength, and passion.  With mastery comes an impactful and influential team player and leader. It creates an employee who leads through being the example and thus naturally attracts the respect, trust, and admiration of his or her peers.  This type of leader will most often create a cooperative environment where personal growth and leadership is encouraged.

Michelle Obama says “Communities, Countries and ultimately the World is only as strong as the health of their women.”  In the same vein, I believe a business or corporation is only as strong and stable as the health of their employees. Why? Because great health gives access to great wealth.

Are you the executive, entrepreneur, small business owner, or major corporation who is asking the question, “does a wellness program impact health care cost and the overall productivity of an organization?”

More importantly, are you asking, “will the savings and increased performance impact my bottom line?”

When implemented properly, the answer is a resounding YES!

When Johnson and Johnson implemented a wellness initiative, they reported saving $250 million on health care costs from 2002 to 2008.  One well-implemented initiative yielded them an impressive return of $2.71 for every dollar spent.


Benefits of a Wellness Program:

  • Reduced absenteeism and presentism
  • Increased engagement and productivity
  • Less unscheduled paid time off
  • Fewer worker compensation claims
  • Increased employee satisfaction, moral and retention
  • Company has a visible competitive edge or advantage.

Chronic illness consumes 50% of a company’s claim expenses.

Employees with high overall well-being have 62% lower health costs than people who are struggling with a chronic illness.

Today 60% of companies in the United States, offer Wellness Initiatives. However, the common question asked when implementing any wellness initiative is, what makes a program effective?

In my experience, the most effective wellness initiative must focus on the management of chronic illness, while also providing lifestyle management and behavioral supports.


We now know that lifestyle management programs focused on the fitness and health of an employee will increase morale and overall productivity.  What is less commonly known, is that programs focused on preventing ‘at risk’ employees from becoming ill or hospitalized, can greatly reduce health care costs and expenses from absentees.

So why should you or one of your employees believe in a wellness initiative?

Because the desire to be fit, feel fabulous, and live a fulfilled life is universal.

When working with any individual or organization, my desire is to convey the personal benefits for anyone who commits to a wellness program. I know that stable, strong and profitable companies are built by physically, emotionally, and financially healthy people.

My primary goal is to develop teams of fit and healthy individuals who feel and look fabulous.

Personal facts:

  • Access to promotion and opportunities for advancement
  • Fit and healthy individuals earn above average incomes
  • Personal and job security: 62% of all US bankruptcies are attributed to medical issues as loss of health often leads to a loss of one’s ability to work.
  • Reduced spending: Obese women over 40 have spent an extra $600,000 on food while men have spent an additional $320,000. Reduced impulse buying.
  • People who are fit and health are more likely to plan and contribute to a 401K or RRSP.
  • People with low credit scores have an increased risk of heart disease.
  • 64% of Fit and healthy individuals report being satisfied with their financial situation versus 34% of the general population.

Fit and Fabulous individuals will often produce more results, ultimately putting them in the position to receive more promotions and other opportunities for advancement. More opportunity and advancements create a sense of personal fulfillment and access to above average earnings.

So, let me ask you this…

Do you or your organization desire the strength and confidence that is possible through physical and financial fitness?

How about the opportunity to experience how magnificent and extraordinary it is to be part of an environment where everyone looks and feels fabulous?

Are you ready to create a culture where everyone is encouraged to live the freedom and joy of a RICH and fulfilled life?

If your answer is YES…

Fit Fab and Fulfilled is for you and your organization, and I am excited to be your guide.