Vision Missions and Values

HartZone Inc.

Creating a Fit, Fab and Deeply Fulfilled Life!


To free people from their physical and financial pain and in the process provide each individual access to the energy, vitality and personal brilliance that is available when they create from the belief that Healthy + Wealth = Freedom.


To create accessible wellness models, courses, masterminds and retreats for a community of hard working result driven entrepreneurs and business professionals. To facilitate a powerful experiential learning environment that encourages the development of the mindset, insights, habits, and personal systems that support the change and growth necessary to create massive results while maintaining optimal health, fitness and well-being.


Most entrepreneurs and business professional work hard to achieve financial success and the accumulation of wealth and unknowingly do so at the expense of their health and well-being.
Reduced health and wellness impacts their families, business, relationships and overall quality of life. Business becomes labor intensive, unenjoyable and stressful.

Through our mission, our goal is to change this mindset by introducing the wellness driven belief that Health + Wealth = Freedom thus supporting people to design the life they know they deserve.

Core Values

  1. Integrity and mutual respect.
    We treat everyone the way you would like to be treated. We honor our word.
  2. Timely and authentic communication.
    We commit to open, honest, respectful and timely communication at all times.
  3. Physical, emotional and spiritual health.
    We commit to take actions to sustain and strengthen our health and well-being.
  4. Creativity and solution focused.
    We seek out and move past all challenges by finding resources, people, and creative ideas.
  5. Focused and intentional work ethic.
    We work in a manner that produces forward and measureable, timely results.
  6. Unconditional love and gratitude.
    We interact with each person with loving and accepting energy, communication and behavior.
  7. A positive, fun and trusting community environment.
    We produce all results in with and energy of fun and play.